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Emerald Casino Hotel and Safari Resort, VD Bijlpark

Kopanong Hotel and Conference Centre, Benoni


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SATUG 2012 Conference and Trade Show

Funny how time flies when you are having fun.  The SATUG annual conference has come and gone and although the numbers were down for both Vendor and Delegate representation it once again proved to be a huge success amongst all who attended.

Firstly allow me to thank all members of Vendor companies and delegates of user companies alike for a wonderful time. I also want to extend my gratitude for the hard work and dedication of the members of the board as well as the staff of Emerald Hotel and Casino resort. We had a very full program with no less than 3 user presentations sharing their experiences and challenges with us. This in itself is always an achievement since not many delegates are prepared to take the podium and talk publicly about their achievements and experiences.

It is difficult to select the highlights of the conference but I think it will be fair to say the keynote session of Clem Sunter on Tuesday 13 March proved to be a winner looking at the solid stream of people purchasing his books immediately after his presentation.  As with all events nowadays financial constraints and other limitations takes their toll on attendance but we are appreciative of our reliable stalwarts that have been supporting us over the 12 years of our existence.

HP both international and local has been there in support of all our efforts again in sponsorship, attendance, providing speakers and delegates and sharing valuable information and road maps for the company and the industry alike.  

Our vendors have supported their existing clients and have shared insight into their products and services which was well accepted and attended by large numbers of our delegates proving a well-balanced recipe that has been in existance in the SATUG formula and has proved valuable for future events. The demographics, financial limitations, scope of South African companies and sometimes extended decision-making processes may have proven difficult for our vendors in their sales objective but has likewise proven that persistence prevails if you are in the client’s face long enough and your products / services withstand the test of quality and requirements - and sales are indeed possible.       

SATUG and our loyal South African users on the other hand have also proven over time that good business does not only entail hard work but also networking and sharing of ideas and experiences. SATUG has over the years impressed on every delegate and vendor representatives our warm friendliness and goodwill as well as eagerly shared our beautiful country and cuisine and customs.

I am sure I speak on behalf of all our overseas visitors if I say that SATUG conferences and events are well received and appreciated.

For more pictures describing the event please feel free to access our web site - register and view these at you own leisure.  

With kind regards

Pieter Rostoll