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Emerald Casino Hotel and Safari Resort, VD Bijlpark

Kopanong Hotel and Conference Centre, Benoni


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SATUG 2011 Conference and Trade Show

The SATUG 2011 conference has come and gone and once again proven to be a resounding success.

The venue was moved to the Kompanong Hotel in Benoni this year and we can safely say that this was well accepted and appreciated by most vendors and delegates alike.

Surely there were some individuals that may have criticised this step but as it is with everything in life you cannot satisfy everyone all the time. The hotel facilities were in line with the high standard that we have grown accustomed to and especially the birds of prey that was exhibited during lunch and tea breaks were appreciated by both our overseas and local guests alike.

The contents of the event was once again varied and apart from the frequent and reliable stall warts that have graced us with their regular attendance over the years and have almost become part of the family here at SATUG we especially enjoyed the presentation by Rob Leason on AOL and their deployments, challenges and achievements on HP NonStop equipment over the years.

A very welcome development and new addition to our content was the presentation by Deon Pohl of Standard Bank South Africa on Data Centre Management. This topic is very high up on the agendas of many South African and also International companies and the emphasis is placed more and more on hardware suppliers to economically and more efficiently use expensive power, cooling and space resources. So much interest has been expressed in this topic that the Board has decided to include this discipline as an additional track and part of next year’s conference since it is after all a very integral and important part of our hardware deployments.

The SATUG board would like to extend an invitation to everyone and anyone who are associated with us to make your colleagues aware of this and extend an invitation to them to keep an eye open for new announcements and developments in this field of business. We the SATUG board would like to extend our gratitude and most sincere appreciation to all Vendors who, at great cost to themselves and companies cross the oceans of our world each year to present their wares and expertise to us here in South Africa.

We also extend our appreciation to our delegates and their companies of origin for their continued support and dedication to this wonderful event. Also a special word of Thank You to our representatives of the Connect board that visited us and we are looking forwarded to a much more lively and resilient level of cooperation in future.

We sincerely hope to to see you here from 12th to 13th of March 2012 for the conference and our FREE master class on 14th March 2012.