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Emerald Casino Hotel and Safari Resort, VD Bijlpark

Kopanong Hotel and Conference Centre, Benoni


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NISUS Awards 2008

Presented to Bill Holenstein

(Gravic Inc)Gravic Inc., in the shape of Bill Holenstein have been strong supporters of SATUG over the years and that support is greatly appreciated, particularly their sponsorship of various events over the years. This year, however, we have to thank Bill for assisting with Bill Highleyman’s travel, the 10 sets of books they are presenting at the Active/Active seminar on Thursday, the IPOD Touch which is a prize we will award on Wednesday, not to mention their continued support of the River Boat Cruise.
Presented to Audrey Potter

(HP Certified Professional Program)Since 2004 SATUG has featured the ability for our users to sit NonStop Certification Exams. During the last 4 years the support we have received from the HP Certified Professional Program in the shape of Patricia Hilbrand of HP has been fantastic. Of course we hope that her support will continue in the future and that we will continue to be able to offer the ability to take Certification exams at future conferences. Unfortunately Patricia can’t be with us tonight so we ask Audrey Potter, HP South Africa, Certification manager to accept the award on Patricia’s behalf.
Presented to Joe Androlowicz

(HP NonStop Enterprise Division Education)While on the subject of the certification exams, although the exams taken at the conference are free to the users, they still have to be paid for. Over the years our users have written more than 250 exams, and at a cost of $60 per exam represents a fair investment, most of which has come from HP NonStop Enterprise Division Education. Without that investment SATUG would not have been able to offer this facility. So we must Randy Meyer as Product Manager for his support, and the guy who put the effort into obtaining this support for us Joe Androlowicz. Joe is here tonight to accept this award.
Presented to Dr Michael Rossbach

(ComForte)Dr. Michael Rossbach and his team have supported SATUG since 2003 without missing a conference and we think this is worthy of our thanks. Michael now sits on the ITUG board and is a very active ambassador of the NonStop systems. The first time we met Michael at the airport to bring him here, he had 2 golf bags with him. Of course he plays a mean game of golf but why 2 golf bags. One holds the clubs, the other held the pop-up stands for his booth. Always innovative. We as the SATUG board thank ComForte for the undivided support and want to present Michael with this award.
Presented to Gerard Cannoo

(SATUG) SATUG board members and volunteers are our life blood here in South Africa, and none more than tonight’s final recipient. He joined the board in 2003 and in the past 5 years has owned the roles of Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Chairman, most of the time performing at least 2 of these roles simultaneously. His drive, and commitment to the NonStop community, has been 2nd to none, and we’d like to thank Gerard Cannoo for all the effort and hard work he has put in to every role he has perform in those 5 years, to ensure the success of these conferences.